Thoughts on Alien: Covenant

May 19, 2017.

I’d fuck Michael Fassbender.

Alien: Covenant is a marvel thematically, technically, and narratively. The best analogy i could use to describe this movie was if Prometheus had a giant fucking Xenomorph burst through it’s chest. Covenant expands on the philosophical creation themes developed in Prometheus and creates one of the most high-concept blockbuster films since Inception. It fits in perfectly with Prometheus. It takes the dreading suspense of the original Alien and dials it up by 10. It takes the genre thrills of James Cameron’s Aliens and matches it perfectly. It’s a perfect mashup of all three films. Michael Fassbender delivers the greatest performance in any blockbuster film of the last few years, and easily deserves AT LEAST two oscar nominations for his work. The rest of the actors do a fine job (Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride namely) even if most of the characters are one-note. My biggest problem with the film was that the crew members were even dumber than the crew from the Prometheus. Only two crew members had any common sense, and it allowed their characters to be more fleshed out and more compelling. The themes that Ridley Scott is reaching for are damn ambitious, and he does a great job crafting his philosophical thoughts with the narrative. The cinematography is just as incredible as Prometheus if not better. The landscapes shots are breathtaking. The deaths are gory and pulpy. The narrative is compelling and sound (albeit a tad predictable). The horror is certainly real. Michael Fassbender is the greatest living actor of this generation. The ending is easy to see coming, but it nonetheless had my jaw on the floor and wanting to see the follow-up film immediately. This is the second best movie in the franchise and the best movie that Ridley Scott has ever directed.

Grade: A

Corbin Stewart

SplittingEdge Reviews. 


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