More Life “Playlist” Review

March 27, 2017.

Coming off his somewhat disappointing album Views, Canadian music phenom Drake has decided to drop not an album… but a “playlist”! I guess if it gets bad reviews he can just say “hey guys it’s just a playlist”.  Just like Views, I found myself disappointed with this playlist, which is a shame because I find myself being a fan of Drake, especially from his earlier projects pre-Views.

The playlist starts off strong actually with two bangers. (Free Smoke, No Long Talk) One featuring Giggs, a british rapper, and him and Drake fit well on both tracks. He appears on the other track, being ‘KMT’. Not only did drake get Giggs to be on this playlist, but drake gets another british rapper, Skepta, to make an appearance on “Skepta Interlude”. Actually, I will say that almost all the features are well performed other than Kanye West and PARTYNEXTDOOR. This is when the playlist is at it’s best. Sampha was clean on ‘4422’, Travis Scott and Quavo were wild on ‘Portland’, while 2 Chainz and Young Thug have acceptable verses on ‘Sacrifices’.

When Drake is alone on a track we get a lot of that jamaican dancehall bullshit. The lyrics are corny but all teenage fans eat that corn up and quote every line so it doesn’t matter. These are songs like ‘Passionfruit’, ‘Madiba Riddim’, ‘Blem,’  ‘ Nothing into Somethings’, ‘Teenage Fever’, and ‘Fake Love’. I hate to put songs in the same categories but they all sound the same and they feel like they were copy and pasted from Views and put onto this playlist. However; I’m not saying all Drake alone tracks are bad. ‘Free Smoke’, ‘Jorja Interlude’, ‘Gyalchester’, Lose You’, ‘ Can’t Have Everything’, and ‘Do Not Disturb’ are all tracks that have unique production and unique flows that Drake loses himself in. There aren’t any amazing or crazy new Drake verses, but that isn’t really expected of the dancehall Drake.

Not much to say about this album. Living in Canada, I am a lone soldier when it comes to disliking the jamaican dancehall Drake. I have come to accept that a lot of Canadians will look at Drake to bring new cultural music to them whether it’s trash or not. A Drake and Kanye song should’ve been the best track on the album; sadly it had a bad hook and a boring beat. My favorite songs on More Life was ‘4422,’  ‘Portland,’  and ‘Sacrifices,’ while my least favorite track was ‘Teenage Fever.’ I always take a 3 minute and 40 second nap every time I hear that song. Overall, More Life is a better project than Views, but shares its weak points. The playlist has its moments,  but they are ruined by the boring, half-assed attempt at jamaican dancehall songs.

Grade: 6/10

Dakota Theriault

Splitting Edge Reviews.


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