Fist Fight Review

February 21, 2017.

Look, you know this movie wasn’t gonna be good. Sure, it would provide some laughs every now and then, but you knew it would be dumb and disposable. You knew it had Ice Cube in it, playing the exact same role he does in every movie. You knew it had Charlie Day in it, playing the exact same role he does in every movie. You just knew this was going to be a bad movie. I’m here to tell you that you are exactly right.

Fist Fight is directed by Richie Keen and stars Ice Cube, Charlie Day, and Tracy Morgan. The premise around this movie is that it is the last day of school, and some shit goes down between Ice Cube and Day, thus Ice Cube challenges him to a fight. I didn’t expect this movie to be hilarious. I knew it was going to be a disposable comedy that would provide some laughs but not a lot. The script is nowhere to be found, and tries to get its laughs by having Day scream in his high-pitched girl voice at everybody while Ice Cube just says intimidating things and does his signature Ice Cube look. There’s a lot of F-bombs to be found, and lots of phallic imagery that the seniors think is hilarious to post everywhere. Every high schooler in this movie is just an assshole. There is not one compelling student. They are all the epitome of the douchebag high school stereotype. They all draw penises everywhere, wreak constant havoc, and don’t give a shit about anything. Some of the pranks they pull are just over the top bizarreness made to get a chuckle from the audience (they drag Day’s character through the school using a horse that is jacked up on crystal meth). About 80% of the jokes fall completely flat, and the story goes nowhere. I found very few positives in Fist Fight, but near the end of the movie it does actually get pretty funny.

The fight in Fist Fight was actually well done. Keen does a good job of using the surroundings for comedy, and the fight is actually well drawn out and funny. The title actually lives up to its name, (ahem, looking at you Batman V Superman) and is by far the most entertaining part about the movie. I’m not going to talk about the performances, because if you know the actors then you know the roles they play. This movie completely wastes Hank from Breaking Bad, Tracy Morgan was Tracy Morgan but he was still funny nonetheless, and Jillian Bell also had some good jokes even if her character was the dumbest, and I would say even say an insulting portrayal of who a teacher is. The performances are exactly what you would find in this type of movie, and the actors do an ok job.

The camerawork is so dull and uninteresting in Fist Fight. All it is is shot-reverse shot of two character’s speaking in a medium angle with a medium/close up shot. Only once was there a shot that I could tell they put a lot of time and effort to create, and that was when Ice Cube and Day were fighting. It relies on cliché, fast moving camera push-ins to an actor’s face with western music, or a catchy pop culture song to get the audience to think that this is a funny, modern movie. I must say though, near the end when Day’s daughter performs at her talent show, she plays an older Big Sean song. The scene is super duper cringe-worthy but I actually kind of dug it, but the lackluster cinematography and cliche moments don’t win the film any merit points.

Fist Fight is a bad movie. Probably the worst I’ve seen of 2017, (still haven’t seen Fifty Shades Darker yet) and is just an unoriginal, unfunny, uncreative movie made to make money at the box office. If you enjoy films like Get Hard, or Ride Along, I’m sure you will find some enjoyment out of this film. If not, don’t bother seeing it in theatres and wait until it’s inevitably on Netflix in a few months. I would give this film an F, but I did find enjoyment and laughs in its titular fight, and the Big Sean dancing scene. So like every prank the high schoolers performed in Fist Fight, I’ll stamp a big D on it. 

Grade: D

Corbin Stewart

SplittingEdge Reviews. 


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