Lego Batman Review

February 12, 2017.


Lego Batman was a lot of fun. Like The Lego Movie, its self-awareness is its strength, and the dry humour is very funny. For me at least, most of the jokes that didn’t poke fun at something fell very flat. There was a lot of them in there, and it seemed like most of them were aimed at the children. I did like how Batman and Joker’s relationship made fun of over the top dating relationships, and they felt like a pair of high schoolers on the verge of being boyfriend/girlfriend. Lego Batman wears its themes on its sleeve, with the importance of teamwork and family being poignant and clear. The visuals were great, but sometimes it was much too over the top, and I felt like I was at a circus. Will Arnett as the voice of Batman is incredible and hilarious. I would say he might have the best Batman voice out of anyone. Overall this was a fun, silly movie. It is no where near as smart or entertaining as The Lego Movie, but I feel if you have a basic knowledge on the history of Batman and his villians you will have a fun time. (Sorry for this short review, I saw the film about a week ago but did not have much time to review it. I may add more short reviews in the near future of movies I don’t have time to review, but for now I will try to stick to my original length for reviews.)

Grade: B-

Corbin Stewart

SplittingEdge Reviews. 

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